Corlis, Son Of Kain Ironhand

Dwarf Brown Barrel Warrior


A hardy dwarf of large build. Long, thick auburn colored beard with a beard clasp that is embossed with his family’s crest. On his right hip, a large ale stained stein with a Grizzly bear etched into the side, dangles from his belt. Always in his right hand, he carries a large great axe, the blade paled with dried and faded blood, the hilt made from the strongest of maple.


Corlis hails from the small village of Shadebrook located in the Umberveltd region. His father moved to the area when he was very young. His father, Kain achieved the great honor of a name for his masterwork axes. His son has followed in his footsteps becoming a blacksmith apprentice. Even though he has had some achievement in this area he is not half the blacksmith that his father is. He is much more adept at the other family skill: fighting.

Adept in the Brown Barrel style of fighting, Corlis has excelled in the drunken rage technique making him impervious to blows that would strike down any normal man.

Corlis, Son Of Kain Ironhand

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