Malcom Hawke

Devoted Sword of the Raven Queen


Long raven-black hair. Ice blue eyes. Pale with an athletic build. A scar over his left eye from a training incident. On the left side of his chest he bares a marking as a symbol for his faith and service to the Raven Queen


Malcom comes from the small village of Shadebrook, where his family has served as guards to the local temple of Pelor for over 100 years. It was quite a shock to his family when Malcom felt the call to serve the Raven Queen instead. His father, Dermin felt sure that it was a phase, a rebellion against tradition right up until he left for his apprenticeship at Odin’s Ford.
In Odin’s Ford Malcom found that he did not fit in that well. He was from a small village, his family unknown to the priesthood of the Raven Queen. One instructor, Krifos Ebonhand, saw potential in him and took him as his own personal apprentice. To begin with Malcome was terrified of the masked giant man, but in time he came to see him as a good man, loyal to the Lord Darius del Sumbre to a fault.
There was one other person that made the time at Odin’s Ford bearable, his friend

Malcom Hawke

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