Khordan Deck

Human Blacksmith


Tall, heavily muscled, his skin seems to glow an almost gold color. Long chestnut hair held back with a band and a long curly beard.


Race: Human
Age: Approximately 30
Occupation: Blacksmith and sometime Arena Fighter
If any one being was born the wrong race it is Khordan. He has a close affinity with them and is one of the only people known to have ever bested the champion of the Dwarves, Zerbak Stormshield. His craftsmanship is of very high quality and has been noted by the Ironhand Kretch. His master Drevik Ironhand has said on many ocassions he did not know why he chose the young boy Jobin to be his apprentice but emerging from him came the fine blacksmith and dwarf-friend Khordan.

It is said that he may be the first human ever to be given a name by the Keeper of Names.

Khordan Deck

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