Forest Walker of Tarathyr


Jet Black Hair with Earthy Brown Eyes. Slim, athletic build due to his constant travels. Forest green tinted leather with black details. Always with his hood covering most of his face. Handcrafted Ebony Longbow with Elven engraving loosely translated to “Wherever I roam, wherever I Lay My Head, there I call home.”


The illegitimate son of Lord Grim of Tarathyr and and Elven servant Andalina. He was not recognized by his noble father due to his elven ancestry Ion and became an outcast of society. Ion spent as much time as he could in the forest surrounding the province capital of Dalvenmeet.
When Ion came of age, he was accepted as an apprentice of the weapon-master Draxes Teth, even without the approval of Lord Grim. He spent two wonderful years with Draxes learning bow and shortsword until the terrible accident that took the life of his mother.
On her deathbed his mother disclosed to Ion about his elven heritage. She had not come from the Forgotten Isle as Ion had assumed, but instead came from a line of elves known as the “Lords of the Forest”. Lord Grim had ordered his arrest, but Draxes hid him and Ion escaped into the forest in search of his mother’s people.
He spent two years in the forest, and at this time, the blood of his father began to manifest as he he began to become a forest-walker. It had been thought that his blood diluted by his elven heritage would never manifest the gifts of his father’s family, but this was obviously wrong.
While in a local city getting supplies for his next trip into the forest, Ion came across a bard, Liana, playing local ballads on her lute. He was enamored with her beauty and music almost immediately and was greatly surprised when she invited him back to her small camp of travelling minstrels. Late into the night he listened to her music, surrounded by the laughter and dancing of others. For one brief moment he found companionship with these other outcasts of society.
Suddenly the camp was attacked by a raging Rontobeast, that tore through the camp. To his horror Liana was crushed under it’s giant hooves, even before he had a chance to drive it off. He held her broken body in his arms until the light finally extinguished in her eyes. The minstrels begged him to come with them, but he could not, his heart too broken.
Eventually he found his way to Odin’s Ford where he found rest at the Temple of the Raven Queen. He also found friendship in tragedy as he witnessed his fast friend Malcom Hawke go through a similar situation as he had gone through with Liana.


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